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  • MINOR BASILICA OF ST. MICHAEL: One of the Philippines oldest.
  • Monument of Tayabense Heroes.
  • Tayabas Spanish Bridges.
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    The Map
    The map
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    map courtesy of Borgy

    History of Tayabas

    The municipality of Tayabas was established in 1578 by Franciscan missionaries named Fray Juan de Placencia and Fray Diego de Oropesa. From 1779 to 1910, Tayabas was the cabecera of the province that was also called Tayabas. Later, the province was named Quezon. Tayabas, as the cabecera then could be regarded as the mother of the provincial community. Tayabas was the navel, the womb, the center.

    Tayabas Quezon became famous in 1841 when Apolinario "Hermano Pule" De La Cruz, led the Confradia de San Jose, a prayer group that became a mass movement against the Spanish Tyranny. According to historical records, on Oct 23, 1841 a major battle was fought in barrio Isabang were the Confradia won and killed many Spanish leaders including Joaquin Ortega, that time Alcalde Mayor. But on another battle in Alitao river dated Nov 1, 1841 hundred members of Confradia were masacred by the Spanish soldiers and Hermano Pule was captured. Then the Spaniards ruthlessly beheaded Hermano Pule in the town plaza. To avenge the death of Hermano Pule and the Confradia martyrs Sgt. Samaniego, head of the Tayabas Regiment based in Malate Manila furiously attacked Fort Santiago (Intramuros) on January 20, 1843 . They were able to take the said fort but on the second day due to the strong company and superior guns of Spanish Soldiers, Samaniego along with his men were captured and executed on Jan 21, 1843.

    150 km. Southeast of Manila, 14° 50’ latutide east southeast of Mt. Banahaw.

    • Population – 64,644 (Estimated as of 1998)
    • 28.85% live in the population
    • 71.15% stay in the rural areas.
    • Gross density is 2,8 persons per hectare.
    • 58% of populations are 15 years and above, thus belonging to the productive froce.
    • Labor force-36,847 (57% of population)

    98% Literacy Rate

    • Total land Area is 23, 095 hectares
    • Coconut plantation covers 51%
    • Rice lands cover 6.31 % and the remaining 40.15% is used for commercial, residential and institutional sites.

    Tayabas is the developing tourist destination and recreation area of Quezon Province. It’s primary natural resource is Mount Banahaw which is 1,875 meter (6,050 feet) above sea level. Mt. Banahaw is a national park, a watershed and considered by most religious sects as the spiritual mountain of the Philippines.

    CLIMATE The dry months are February to May.
    Greatest amount of rainfall occurs from October to December.

    WATER Abundant mineral from naturally occurring springs; cold and highly potable.

    A little less than 1,000 sari-sari stores, general merchandise, dry goods, drug stores and bakeries.

    • Telephone and cellular phone services
    • Cable TV services from local company- with more than a thousand as regular subscribers.
    • 13,000 households in poblacion own radios.
    Power comes from the National Power Corporation distributed by MERALCO-220 volts.

    Mariposa Picnic Groove, Tayabas Spring Resort Hotel and Restaurant (Nawawalang Paraiso), Mainit Hot springs, Rodilla’s Restaurant, Buddy Pizza, Big Mak, Franks Burger, Minute Burger, Spring Park, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. Homestay for a unique rendition of Tayabas hospitality. The retreat house of Missionary Catechists of St. Therese(MCST) also accommodates guest upon special arrangement.


    Hourly air-conditiones bus services (BLTB,TRITRAN, JAC or JAM) between Metro Manila (Buendia, Pasay and Cubao terminals of bus companies) and lucena. From Lucena, take the jeepney transport bound for Tayabas.


    1. Angeles Zone I 8. Angustias Zone III 15. San Isidro Zone II
    2. Angeles Zone II 9. Angustias Zone IV 16. San Isidro Zone III
    3. Angeles Zone III 10. San Diego Zone I 17. San Isidro Zone IV
    4. Angeles Zone III 11. San Diego Zone II 18. San Roque Zone I
    5. Lita Subdivison 12. San Diego Zone III 19. San Roque Zone II’
    6. Angustias Zone I 13. San Diego Zone IV
    7. Angustias Zone II 14. San Isidro Zone I


    1. Alitao 17. Ilayang Alsam 33. Mate
    2. Alupay 18. Ilayang Bukal 34. Mationa
    3. Anos 19. Ilayang Ilasan 35. Mayuwi
    4. Ayaas 20. Ilayang Nangka 36. Oplas
    5. Baguio 21. Ilayang Palale 37. Pandakan
    6. Anilad 22. Ipilan 38. Potol
    7. Calantas 23. Isabang 39. Silangang Domoit
    8. Camaysa 24. Kanlurang Domoit 40. Silangang Katigan
    9. Dapdap 25. Kanlurang Katigan 41. Silanganag Palale
    10. Ibabang Alsam 26. Kanlurang Palale 42. Taloleng
    11. Ibabang Bukal 27. Lakawan 43. Tamlong
    12. Ibabang Ilasan 28. Palo 44. Tongke
    13. Ibabang Nangka 29. Bawigue
    14. Ibabag Palale 30. Malasa
    15. Ibas 31. Masin
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